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Graduate Awards Dinner for 2009

The Graduate Student Awards dinner was held in the Reynolds Conference Suite on May 4, 2009. Andrew Hogue and Jerome Foss shared the Stormie Schott Award for academic excellence and Christian commitment. Eva Silkwood was presented with the award for Outstanding Masters Student. Matthew Brogdon received the award for Outstanding Graduate Student in the PhD Program.

Stormie Schott Award recipients:

Spotlighting Alumni_Andrew Hogue                  Spotlighting Alumni_Jerome Foss
Andrew Hogue                                            Jerome Foss

                          Recipient of the Outstanding Masters         Recipient of the Outstanding Student
                          Student Award:                                       in the PhD Program: 

Spotlighting Alumni_Eva Silkwood                    Faculty_Brogdon
     Eva Silkwood                                          Matthew Brogdon