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About Public Service Internships

Availability and Length of Internship

Internships are available fall, spring, and summer. Students must perform 100 clock-hours of internship during the internship period. The internship course number is PSC 3382.

Who is Eligible?

All students regardless of major who have or will have completed at least 30 credit hours of college-level course work at Baylor or other institutions prior to the semester or summer the internship is performed.

Will I Receive a Grade?

Yes, you will receive a letter grade for performing the internship. In general, as this may vary by instructors, the grade you receive will be based on your final report, internship profile, supervisor's evaluation, your daily/weekly journal of your internship experiences, and other class activities.

Internship Journal

Be sure to keep a journal of your internship activities since you will need this information for your internship profile and finale report. For more information see "Final Report" and "Internship Profile" in the course syllabus.