Regional Studies Courses

Nine hours from Regional Studies (Latin America, Asia and Russia, Middle East and Africa, Europe and the United States). The nine hours may be taken from one region or from multiple regions.

1. Latin America

ANT 3340 Indigenous Cultures of Modern Mexico and Central America

ANT 3351 Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica

ANT 3352 Latin-American Interface

HIS 3353 Pre-Columbian and Colonial Latin America

HIS 3355 Modern Latin America

HIS 4350/LAS 4351 The History of Gender in Latin America

HIS 4357 Inter–American Relations

LAS 1301 Latin American Nations and People

LAS 2301 An Introduction to Latin American Studies

LAS 4350 Latin American Studies Seminar

PHI 4331 Latin American Philosophy

PSC 4304 Governments and Politics of Latin America (once only)

PSC 4314 Government and Politics of Mexico (once only)

SPA 3311 Spanish–American Civilization


2. Asia and Russia

ANT 4310 Societies and Cultures of East Asia

AST 2380 The People and Culture of Asia

AST 4350 Seminar in Asian Studies

AST 4V80 Contemporary Issues in Asian Studies

ECO 4335 Asian Economic Development

HIS 3307 Japan

HIS 3340 Russia to 1861

HIS 3342 Russia since 1861

HIS 4305 Modern China

PSC 4325 Asian International Relations

PSC 4344 Government and Politics of Russia 

PSC 4364 The Governments and Politics of the Asia–Pacific Region

PSC 4374 Governments and Politics of East Asia

PSC 4386 Russia and the World

REL 3334 History of Eastern Orthodox

REL 4346 Topics in Asian Religions

SEES 2380 Introduction to Slavic and East European Studies I

SEES 2381 Introduction to Slavic and East European Studies II


3. Middle East and Africa

ANT 4312 Societies and Cultures of Africa

HIS 3310 The Middle East

HIS 3311 Middle East History 600-1798

HIS 3315 History of West Africa

HIS 3316 History of Africa to 1900

HIS 3318 History of Modern Africa

HIS 4312 Modern Middle East History 

HIS 4313 War and Peace in the Middle East

MES 2301 Introduction to the Middle East

MES 4V01 Readings in Mid-East Studies

PSC 4334 Governments and Politics of the Middle East

REL 4343 Topics in Islam


4. Europe and the United States

ANT 3301 Science, Society, and Culture

AS 4301 Defense Studies

AS 4302 Preparation For Active Duty

CSS 4353 or PSC 4335 Public Discourse and Foreign Policy

FRE 3337 French Civilization

FRE 3338 Contemporary France

GER 3341 Introduction to German Culture: Germany in the Making

GER 3345 Introduction to German Film: German Culture from Berlin to Hollywood

HIS 2V89 Introduction to Model Organization of American States

HIS 3308 Hitler and Holocaust

HIS 3344 History of Modern Germany

HIS 4328 Medieval Britain

HIS 4336 Europe since World War I

HIS 4339 Cultural and Intellectual History of Modern Europe

HIS 4343 France since 1815

HIS 4347 Europe from 1815 to 1914

HIS 4392 American Foreign Relations since 1919

PSC 3335 Contemporary American Foreign Policy: An Examination of Regions and Issues

PSC 3345 Making American Foreign Policy

PSC 3392 Washington Internship

PSC 4316 Grand Strategy

PSC 4324 British Government and Politics

PSC 4335 Public Discourse and Foreign Politics

PSC 4354 Governments and Politics of Western Europe

PSC 4V89 Advanced Model Organization of American States

SPA 3310 Spanish Civilization

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