Outdoor Water Discovery Center

Piper Water Small

Baylor students are raising money for an Outdoor Water Discovery Center to be added to the backyard of Baylor's Piper Center for Family Studies and Child Development and we need your help!

Once built this water feature will provide children at Piper with additional creative and diverse opportunities to learn about environments as well as nature, science and technology. Piper is a lab school, and the addition of an outdoor water discovery center will provide Baylor students with a distinctive educational experience. They will learn how to use the water feature to teach children at Piper about the art of nature, math, science, and literacy.

We need your assistance to make this dream a reality! Please help us with this project so that children at Piper can continue to grow and develop through nature-based learning and Baylor students can gain exposure to additional resourceful and distinctive learning experiences.

Please consider donating to this cause. Anyone who gives $100 or more will have their name placed in a giveaway drawing for Baylor prizes.

Join us and GIVE NOW!