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2005 Interactive Fun House
Singing Bowl and Bell
Sound Interference
Tuning Forks

Small Linear Wave Machine
Wave Machine
Singing Rod and Ball
Suspended Slinky
Torison Wave Toy

Color Mix Windmills
Acrylic Rod and Laser
Polarized Syrup
Benhams Disc
Gas Lamps
Fiber Optic Trees
Plasma Gloes and Disk
Neon and Disco Lights

Series/Parallel Lights
Series/Parallel Circute Builder
Miniature Electric Motor
Jacob's Ladder
Van de Graff Generator
Magnectic Induction Display
Pinging Plates

Box Illusions
Einstein Face
3-D Holographic Pictures
Optical Illusion Pictures
Flux Tubes
Repelling Magnets
Magnetic Pendulum
Air Pump Ball Levitator

Black Hole
Endless Jars
Hoberman Sphere
Pin Impressions
Hand Battery
Floating Bubbles
Gas Model
Feather Drop