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Success at College
The WISD cohort students participated in a College Skills Inventory (CSI), which is designed to identify areas that might affect the success or non-success of their future college education. While first resistant to writing as an avenue to fun, the enthusiasm of the facilitators greatly improved their motivation. TSTC staff and faculty counselor Pamelia Hunter, and Social and Behavioral Sciences Department Chair, Sylvia Edwards-Borens were the "dynamic duo" for this assessment exercise.

College Skills Inventory (developed by Noel-Levitz Corporation) is a successful avenue to provide insight into the demands on students entering college. The CSI identifies levels of family support, financial challenges, study habits, and also gauges the success level for degree completion. Results and interpretations are provided to students, school counselors, and the college. We are hoping for a head start in which to develop intervention and programs keeping with the GearUp prescription for success.