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Science Theater

CASPER presented the latest version of the Physics Circus during April and May of 2003. "Mysteries of the Universe," under the direction of Dr. Laura Barge and the technical design of Mr. Mike Cook, provided participating students and teachers with a journey they could never forget. Participating students learned about black holes, galaxies and the four forces of nature as they traveled through wormholes (virtual ones, that is) in the Science Theater. They also discovered how cold the universe really is with liquid nitrogen demonstrations and learned how to map the heat of their bodies using a thermographic camera. Mr. Tim Poertner of MCC designed the stage and lighting for the Science Theater, and Mr. Willie Hudson of TSTC did the multimedia production. Both of these talented people created the "other-wordly" setting which makes the Science Theater a production like none other. One of the highlights of the Science Theater is our high-tech laser light show, designed by CASPER's own Mr. Jerry Reay. Good work from the entire CASPER team!