Baylor physicists well represented at the 2019 March and April APS meetings

April 23, 2019
APS annually organizes national meetings in March and April covering a wide variety of physics topics. As usual, many of Baylor physicists attended these meetings and gave a series of talks.

The talks in the March meeting include:

  • Minimizing Reflections in Electronic Structure Calculations, G. A. Benesh and Roger Haydock

For the APS April meeting in Denver, CO, April 12-16, Dr. Gerald B. Cleaver and five of his graduate students participated. The presentations given include:

  • Brandon Mattingly presented “Curvature Invariants for Lorentzian Traversable Wormholes.”
  • Abinash Kar presented “Analysis of the Curvature Invariants for the Natario Warp Metric.”
  • Cooper Watson presented “Properties of Wormhole Solutions of Einstein’s Field Equations for the Levi-Civita Metric.”
  • Matthew Gorban and William Julius prepared a poster on the “Gauss-Bonnett Theorem for Analysis of Warp Metric Topologies.”

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