Baylor physicists well represented at the Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics (American Physical Society) at Portland, Oregon.

December 31, 2018
Many Baylor physicists attended the annual meeting of the American Physical Society--Division of Plasma Physics held in Portland, Oregon, during Monday–Friday, November 5–9, 2018, and gave a series of talks. Dustin Sanford, a junior majoring in physics, received an award for Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Presentation.

  • Ionization waves in the PK-4 direct current neon discharge

    Peter Hartmann, Marlene Rosenberg, Lorin Matthews, Dustin Sanford, Jorge Reyes and Truell W. Hyde

  • Aligned Chains within the PK-4 Environment

    Truell W. Hyde, Lorin Matthews, Peter Hartmann, Marlene Rosenberg, Oleg Petrov, Vladimir Nosenko, Jie Kong, Ke Qiao, Eva Kostadinova, Jorge Reyes

  • Anomalous diffusion in microgravity complex plasma cloud

    Eva Kostadinova, Joshua Padgett, Constanze Liaw, Kyle Busse, Lorin Matthews and Truell W. Hyde

  • Nonlinear mode behavior and mode coupling for strongly coupled pair system with nonreciprocal interaction

    Zhiyue Ding, Ke Qiao, Jie Kong, Lorin Matthews and Truell W. Hyde

  • Experimental measurement of the confinement potential between a two-particle vertical dust chain

    Jie Kong, Ke Qiao, Lorin Matthews and Truell W. Hyde

  • Thermally Excited Dust Lattice Waves in PK-4 Complex Plasmas,

    Ke Qiao, Jorge Reyes, Jie Kong, Lorin Matthews and Truell W. Hyde

  • Dust chains in the strongly coupled liquid regime

    Lorin Matthews, Dustin Sanford, Peter Hartmann, Marlene Rosenberg, Evie Guay and Truell W. Hyde

  • Mapping the ion wake and electric field inside a glass box

    Khandaker Sharmin Ashrafi, Dustin Sanford, Mudi Chen, Evie Guay, Lorin Matthews and Truell W. Hyde

  • Characterization and application of the inductively-heated plasma generator IPG6-B

    Jens Schmidt, Truell W. Hyde, Georg Herdrich and Rene Laufer

  • Self-consistent simulation of dust-plasma interactions in micro-gravity

    Dustin Sanford, Lorin Matthews and Truell W. Hyde

  • Dust chain formation in microgravity complex plasma

    Eva Kostadinova, Kyle Busse, Lorin Matthews and Truell W. Hyde
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