Careers of Recent Graduate Students


Eva Kostadinova (2017) Assistant Research Professor, CASPER, Baylor University.

Bao-Fei Li (2017) Postdoc at CASPER, Baylor University.

Xinwen Wang (2017) Technician at the Alibaba Shanghai Center (automatic car sector), China.

Ahmad Borzou (2016) Postdoctoral fellow at Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

V H Satheeshkumar (2015) Postdocs in Department of Theoretical Physics, Institute of Physics, the State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Razieh Yousefi (2015) Postdoc in Biochemistry at University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas

Dhurba Sapkota (2014) Ph.D. student at Univ. of Toledo

Brandon Harris (2014) Postdoc at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia

Quan Liu (2014) Graduate Student in Finance at U.C.-Berkeley

Douglas Moore (2014) Postdoc in Radiation Health Physics at Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, TX

Jared Greenwald (2013) Postdoc at Sandia National Labs, NM

Yongqing Huang (2012) Postdoc at Momenta Pharmaceuticals

Zhenbin Wu (2012) Postdoc in Physics at Baylor University and then University of Illinois at Chicago

Zhuanhao Zhang (2012) Process R&D Engineer at Micron Technology

Angela Douglass (2012) Assistant Professor of Physics at Ouachita Baptist University, AR

Karen Bland (2012) Lecturer at McLennan Community College

Qianyu Ma (2012) Data Analyst at Siemens

Timothy Renner (2011) Data Scientist at ExoAnalytic Solutions, CA

Victor Guerrero (2011) Research Scientist at SpaceX, TX

Michael Devin (2011) Lab Instructor at Collin College, TX

Samantha Hewamanage (2011) Postdoctorap Fellow at Florida International University

Martin Frank (2011) Research Associate at the University of Virginia

Qiang Wu (2009) Associate Professor of Physics at Zheijang Univ. of Technology, China

Samuel Joseph (2009) Founder of Lavabits Corporation

Andreas Tziolas (2009) President of Icarus Interstellar; Adjunct Faculty in Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Alaska; Chief Scientist at Variance Dynamics; President and CEO of Venus Prime Corporation

Matthew Robinson (2009) Mathematics Consultant for Department of Defence

Richard Obousy (2008) CEO of Richard Obousy Consulting; Founder of Icarus Interstellar

Kedar Manandhar (2007) Postdoc at the Univ. of Illinois



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