Speaker Outreach Program

The Physics department maintains an outreach program, called the Speaker Outreach Program, with several of the universities and colleges in Texas.  

Briefly, the program is a way in which we’d like to network with undergraduate students in the state of Texas and highlight the research and educational opportunities that exist at Baylor University.  The goal of the program is to form long term relationships with departments across Texas and encourage interested undergraduate students to apply to our graduate program.

Speakers are available to communicate on a regular basis and arrange periodic visits (every other year or so) to not only present a scientific colloquium or seminar in their field but also to meet with your sophomore to senior year students to give them details about the research opportunities at Baylor University.

One critical difference between this program and other outreach that may have been done in the past is that we want to foster a long term relationship with the programs in Texas, rather than an immediate ‘one and done’ sort of visit.  As such, our goal is an ongoing interaction over the course of years.  This gives us time to build the interaction and choose a time that is best for both your department and ours to arrange such a visit.


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