Physics Theory Labs

PHYSICS 1420 & 1430 – Fall 2021

Please see important information about books below.

Theory Lab Coordinator:

Objectives of the Theory Labs:

  • Gain conceptual understanding of fundamental physics
  • Gain operational understanding of physical quantities
  • Be able to interpret, in simple but clear language, representation of physical quantities such as numbers, equations, and diagrams
  • Be able to solve physics problems via interactions with other students and teaching assistants (TA's)


Required workbook:

  • Tutorials in Introductory Physics by McDermott and Shaffer.

Tutorials in Introductory Physics consists of two paperback books that usually come together in a bundle. The first is the workbook that you will write in during class, and it is especially important that you have a blank, unused copy. The second book contains homework problems, some of which will be used during the course. 

Syllabus: A link to the syllabus is in the box to the upper right.
Please refer to the syllabus for information on grading, absences, etc.

All students are urged to read this syllabus carefully. Failure to read the
syllabus will not be an excuse for an exception to any policy stated within the syllabus.

Schedules: Links to schedules for the PHY 1420 and 1430 Theory Labs are in the box to the upper right.


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