1. You will read every experiment prior to coming to class to do that experiment. You will, as thoroughly as possible, examine the physical principles involved with the experiment being performed. It is your responsibility to ask questions about any theory not covered in lecture. (You will enjoy this course and be more successful in it if you come to lab each week having prepared for the experiment.)
  2. You will only attend the lab section that you are assigned.
  3. You will bring your textbook, lab manual, calculator, and writing materials to each lab meeting. (It would help if you knew how to calculate simple statistics on your calculator. Do not expect your lab instructor to know how to operate your calculator.)
  4. You will not assemble or manipulate the lab equipment until told to do so by the instructor.
  5. You will immediately report anything out of order or a shortage of materials to your lab instructor. You will not substitute equipment between tables.
  6. You will prepare your own individual report on each experiment. You may collaborate with your lab partner and other students in analyzing data, and discussing results, but your lab report will be in your own words.
  7. You will obtain your lab instructor's initials on each day's data sheet before leaving class.
  8. You will leave your area neat and organized. (Lab rooms will be randomly inspected by Mr. Hall at least twice during the semester. If after lab, the lab room is not clean and orderly, then everyone in that lab section will have 5 points subtracted from their lab report grade for that experiment. On the other hand, if the lab room is neat and organized, then everyone in that lab section will have 5 points added to their lab grade for that experiment.)
  9. You will use the Laboratory Report Record in your lab manual to keep a record of when you turned in your lab reports.
  10. A grading rubric will be used to grade your lab reports. You should receive of a copy of the rubric the first day of lab and a copy of the rubric should be with each lab report so that you understand how your lab report was scored. If you do not understand why you lost points, ask!
  11. You will be proactive in understanding what is needed to do well in lab. When you do not understand something, ask!

Lab Equipment: The equipment used in these laboratories is often expensive and difficult to replace. As aspiring professionals you are expected to conduct yourselves with an appropriate degree of decorum in the lab. If you damage lab equipment, we will send you a bill. Some of the experiments and exercises you will be performing this semester make use of PCs. You are welcome to use any of the software on these machines. You are not permitted to load files onto these machines or to copy software from them.


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