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Anzhong Wang

Faculty - Spotlight

“One of the Best Teachers”

Dr. Anzhong Wang has always felt a passion towards physics and can’t see himself doing anything else. It was “the mystery of our own universe,” says Dr. Wang, that encouraged him to become a physics professor. That passion always comes through in his work with students and faculty.

“Dr. Wang is, without a doubt, one of the best teachers I have taken classes from in this department. He is extremely organized, well motivated, and dedicated to the students’ understanding of the material. He is very methodical, carefully arranging his lectures and notes for easy reference. After taking Dr. Wang’s Quantum Mechanics 2 class, I was able to pass the Ph.D. preliminary exam in that subject with only one day of studying. A testament to his teaching effectiveness,” says Timothy Renner, Ph.D. candidate.

Pursuing the Mysteries of the Universe

Dr. Wang began his career in gravitational cosmology as an assistant professor at the State University of Sao Paulo at Campinas. He has also held positions at National Observatory of Rio de Janeiro and National Observatory of Rio de Janeiro.

He continues his work by leading an active research group in his concentration of gravitational cosmology here at Baylor.

He has been able to work alongside visiting professors, post-doctorates, graduate and undergraduate students to create 46 peer reviewed journal articles, two funded grant proposals and multiple research awards.

Dr. Wang’s publications are well over 100 and have been cited over 1100 times, with three of his papers listed as the top cited articles in his fields.

Off Campus

Dr. Wang serves as sponsor and advisor for Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity and the Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

He is an active member of Columbus Avenue Baptists Church and is involved in their international ministry, as well as the Waco Chinese Church. He serves as a judge in science fairs around the community and is an advocate for missionaries.