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Matt Robinson
Ph.D. Physics

Spot - Matt Robinson

Some Like it Hot

A hot central Texas summer made Matt Robinson decide to come to Baylor. "I did an REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) at Baylor the summer before my senior year," Matt says. "After spending the summer here, it wasn't hard to see that the department, the professors and the atmosphere in general was a perfect fit for me."

The fourth-year doctoral candidate is studying string theory in the physics program, and feels a broadening in support of the faculty in the department from when he first arrived. "There has never been a time I needed to speak with a professor and he or she didn't make time," he says. "The attitude of the professors makes the program great." A Star Mentor

He regards Dr. Gerald Cleaver, his thesis and dissertation adviser, as a standout example. "He is always willing to make himself available, is remarkably current on literature in the field and is extremely good at guiding me as I learn," Matt says. "The accessibility, professionalism and scholarship of faculty at Baylor is probably one of the most impressive points." Some Work, Some Play

One would expect that a doctoral program -- and especially a doctoral program in science -- is all work and no play, but Matt believes it is possible to be both a doctoral student and a well-rounded person. "I've found that, while just as demanding academically, the professors at Baylor are also encouraging of maintaining a well-rounded and healthy personal life," he says. "Baylor teaches you to be an excellent scholar and an excellent person."

To the tune of perspective, health and well roundedness, Matt spends time outside the laboratory with his family, at church and in the outdoors. "I've really enjoyed being a part of both Baylor and the Waco community," he says. "My wife and I both enjoy being here more and more as each month goes by." Go with the Flow

As for the next step, the inevitable, approaching next step, Matt views it all with relative ease. "I bounce back and forth between looking for jobs in industry and looking for jobs in academia," he says. "Since I'm undecided at this point, I'll likely send job applications to all sorts of places and see who bites."