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Nan-Hsin Yu
Ph.D. Physics

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In the Name of Matter and Energy

Nan-Hsin Yu left Taiwan for California, California for Waco, and is willing to go anywhere else, all in the name of matter and energy. "I've been interested in it since I was in high school," she says.

After studying animal science at National Chung Hsing University in her native country, the third-year doctoral candidate realized then that her interest in physics was the direction she was meant to follow. "I was interested in the problem of time and how it relates to matter," she says. A continent, two states and five years later, she is still fascinated by it.

The Atoms Apple

Studying these sorts of atomic issues is certainly the part of any doctoral program in physics, but she feels that she's been given advantages and education at Baylor she didn't expect. "Every professor tries to give you a chance, and are willing to send us to national labs if our own facilities are lacking," she says. Last year, she spent two months in Knoxville, Tenn. while her colleagues spent time at a lab in Chicago.

In addition, she has had the opportunity to teach, in effect, role-playing what she would eventually like to do, which is to teach at the university level. "Baylor treats teaching as a serious business and prepares us to be educators," Nan-Hsin says.

A Texas-sized Surprise

These big opportunities came as a surprise to Nan-Hsin, who didn't know much about the school before she came. "I came here because of a great offer, and I came because it is a Christian university," she says. "But it's definitely beautiful and the people are so active, friendly, polite and healthy."

She'd like to return to Taiwan for the long-term, but she's not willing to give up her jet set lifestyle just yet. "I can see myself going to a third country to research," she says. "I'd go just about anywhere, but maybe somewhere in Europe."