Open Text Project

The OPEN TEXT PROJECT© is an ongoing effort to develop complete texts for disadvantaged physics students throughout the world. The concept is similar to "open software" for computer programs, except the material is copyrighted to ensure appropriate use. There are four texts presently available: graduate electrodynamics ("Macroscopic Electrodynamics"), undergraduate classical mechanics ("Modern Introductory Mechanics"), undergraduate quantum mechanics ("Quantum Principles and Particles"), and a very partial undergraduate electrodynamics text. Dr. Gerald Cleaver has joined in the effort and has posted his collaborative particle physics texts, "A Simple Introduction to Particle Physics". All these may be downloaded in various formats. An exciting new part of this website is an interactive E&M SI/Gaussian unit formula-converter. Unit systems are only useful if they are accessible and convertible! Hopefully, this part of the OPEN TEXT PROJECT website helps students in this respect.

We are also pleased to announce that a second edition of Dr. Wilcox's introductory undergraduate quantum mechanics text, "Quantum Principles and Particles", published by Taylor and Francis will be available next year. It will have a new chapter on time dependent processes, a new appendix covering quantum computing, updated material on recent particle physics discoveries, as well as new figures and corrected typos. The previous version was published in 2011. The present two-semester textbook balances simplification and rigor to provide an accessible, solid foundation in quantum mechanics. In addition, there is a revised and updated online version of the two-part mechanics text "Modern Introductory Mechanics" available at the European academic free-text website There you will find a complete course in undergraduate physics covering topics in classical mechanics at an intermediate level. The coverage is rigorous but concise and accessible, with an emphasis on concepts and mathematical techniques which are basic to most fields of physics. Added to this is the new graduate-level text E&M "Macroscopic Electrodynamics", prepared in collaboration with Dr. Chris Thron of Texas A&M Central Texas, published in 2016 with World Scientific. This book is a comprehensive two-semester introductory textbook on classical electrodynamics for use in physics and engineering programs. However, it is aimed at the beginning graduate student, and has problems and references that should be especially helpful to those just starting their graduate physics careers. All of these texts originated on this OPEN TEXT PROJECT website, and the original materials are still available. Enjoy!


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