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G. Edward Schaub

Faculty - G. Edward Schaub


BSB E.322, (254) 710-2702



Edward Schaub has been involved in the Baylor Physics department for more than 30 years, first as an instrumentation engineer on the NASA CRAF/CoDEM project under the leadership of Dr. Merle Alexander, and most recently as a senior lecturer. Previous to his Baylor employment, Schaub held a number of positions in industry. He was a production engineer with Texas Instruments in the Government Products Division and a research engineer with AFS Research Corporation. Schaub holds a B.A. and an M.S. in Physics from Baylor.

Courses Taught

PHY 1407 - Sound and Acoustics
PHY 1408 - Physics for the Natural and Behavioral Sciences I
PHY 1409 - Physics for the Natural and Behavioral Sciences II
PHY 1425 - General Physics I
PHY 2135 - Basic Electronics Laboratory
PHY 2435 - General Physics II