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Lindsay Buckingham

Lindsay Backingham

A Surprise Decision
Having lived in Waco for 11 years, Lindsay Buckingham never thought of Baylor as more than just another part of her hometown until her senior year of high school. Once she decided that she wanted to pursue a degree in physics, her parents insisted that she tour Baylor's department and meet a few of the professors. "The professors were so nice, and the facilities were amazing," she said. After setting foot on campus and hearing of Baylor's highly successful physics students, she had made up her mind to attend Baylor.

Truly the Best
Looking back on her Baylor experience, Lindsay said that what stands out the most were her caring professors. "I know every college says that their professors care about the students and that you get a lot of one on one time with your professor, but at Baylor it's really true," she said. "The professors here at Baylor are truly the best."

During her last two years at Baylor, Lindsay is trying to spend her time studying hard and enjoying being part of the community that she has found at Baylor and in the physics department. "Being a part of the Baylor community means that you always feel connected to Baylor as a whole, the Waco community, and your own department community," she said. "The physics department has always been one of the most active and close knit communities here on campus and there are tons of opportunities to find a place in it."

Great Opportunities
While at Baylor, Lindsay has also taken advantage of several research opportunities through the physics department. "I spent last summer doing research in the nonlinear dynamics lab with Dr. Jeffrey Olafsen," she said. "The experience was great, and I know it prepared me well for any other research I'll do before leaving Baylor."

Now a senior, Lindsay will graduate with a BS in both Physics and Mathematics. "I have not yet picked a specific area of Physics to concentrate on, but I'm sure I will by the end of this year," she said. Lindsay's future plans include continuing her education at graduate school, obtaining her doctorate, and working as a researcher.