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Martin Frank
Doctoral Candiate

Student - Martin Frank

Caring Faculty and the Physics Community

Captivated by the fascinating world of physics throughout his undergraduate career at Emory University, Martin Frank eagerly enrolled in graduate school to pursue a doctoral degree. He attended Duke University for one year, but knew there was something missing from his experience. "The environment there was very focused on physics and not so much on the people, so after one year, I transferred to Baylor where I found exactly the right thing!" the German native exclaims.

Martin confidently recommends Baylor graduate school to anyone seeking a rigorous physics program in an exemplary department full of friendly, wholesome students and faculty. He expresses gratitude for the beneficial balance sustained by professors who are encouraging yet challenging.

Martin claims his advisor is a true mentor in all aspects from physics to working in his 500-person collaboration. "Every time we meet, which is basically any time of the day I stop by his office, I learn to be more precise and especially patient with my work," he says.

His enthusiasm for the department is further stimulated by the leadership and guidance of physics Chair Professor Benesh. "He is a great role model and does everything in his power to keep students happy and productive," Martin affirms.

Researching Physics Phenomena

Drawn to high-energy particle research, Martin explores his interests in this area through the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) collaboration. He actively participates in a project aimed at enhancing a computer program that monitors the eXtremely Fast Tracker (XFT) system as data from charged particles produced in proton-antiproton collisions are collected. Martin also enjoys actively engaging in an analysis group that is hunting for the Higgs boson, an infamous particle the exposure of which would be one of the most revolutionary discoveries in the realm of elementary particle physics.

Benefits of Being a Baylor Bear

Martin distinguishes Baylor from other graduate institutions because it serves as a remarkable forum for the exchange of ideas between different departments. "I met my fiancée at a Baylor Graduate School function, and she is in the English department; so needless to say there are lots of conversations between English and Physics majors," he says, grinning.

Martin attributes much of his inspiration to Baylor's exquisite campus and Waco's pleasant weather. Lake Waco and local hiking trails offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. He has been pleased to find a community that promotes creativity in his work.

Currently four years into the program, Martin hopes to secure a post-doctoral position and eventually teach physics at the university level.