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Faculty Spotlights

Dr. Jay Dittmann
says his greatest joy comes from being able to make an impact on the lives of others by sharing knowledge in the classroom, offering guidance and encouragements to students, or service to his colleagues.
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Dr. Lorin Matthews
has been teaching at Baylor since 2000. "I love being able to learn something new each day and be able to pass that along to my students," she says. Currently she teaches graduate courses in classical mechanics and plasma physics and a sophomore-level class in Mathematical and Computational Physics.
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Dr. Jeff Olafsen
enjoys much about Baylor, especially working with students. "I have yet to find another university or college with students like those at Baylor University," he says. He is particularly proud of the research that he has done that has brought recognition to undergraduate student researchers.
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Dr. Dwight Russell
is known for holding the attention of all students- majors and non-majors alike. It's no wonder his descriptive astronomy class quickly hits maximum enrollment each semester.

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Dr. Anzhong Wang
has always felt a passion towards physics and can't see himself doing anything else. It was "the mystery of our own universe," says Dr. Wang, that encouraged him to become a physics professor. That passion always comes through in his work with students and faculty.

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