Bob Roberts to be Senior Fellow at Center of Theological Inquiry

August 22, 2011
Bob Roberts, Distinguished Professor of Ethics, will be one of three Senior Fellows at the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton, New Jersey during the academic year 2013-14. The research topic for the year is Theological Inquiry on Religious Experience and Moral Identity. Roberts will use the fellowship as an occasion to write a book on Søren Kierkegaard's understanding of the virtues. Roberts will participate in Year 2 of a 3-year research program titled New Approaches in Theological Inquiry. The other two Senior Fellows for Year 2 are theologians Friederike Nüssel from the University of Heidelberg and Steven Pope from Boston College. Funding for the program comes from a $3.5 million grant by the John Templeton Foundation that will fund 36 resident fellowships over the 3 years. The topic for Year 1 (2012-13) is Theological Inquiry on Evolution and Human Development. The topic for Year 3 (2013-14) will be Theological Inquiry on Law and Religious Liberty. Full-year fellowships will be awarded of up to $70,000, plus a publication award of $12,000 upon completion of a major writing project during the year of residence. Fellowship applications for Year 1 will be received starting September 1, 2011. A video introducing the program and the Center by its Director William Storrar can be accessed at
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