Baylor Philosophy Welcomes Dr. Trent Dougherty

March 31, 2009
Faculty - Trent Dougherty
We are pleased to welcome Trent Dougherty to the Department of Philosophy and Baylor University. Dougherty's main research interest is the normativity of reasons, especially the relationship between conceptions of epistemic rationality and practical rationality. At the University of Rochester, Richard Feldman chaired his dissertation committee. Other members of the committee were along Earl Conee and Greg Carlson, chair, Department of Linguistics.

Normativity of reasons encompasses topics ranging from virtue epistemology to Bayesian epistemology, especially the conceptual foundations of logical inference. The project is pursued in parallel with investigations into the semantics of probability and with an eye toward considering the rationality of religious and scientific beliefs. Trent has a number of other research interests. In addition to Epistemology, his areas of specialty include Metaphysics, Logic and Language, and Philosophy of Religion. Areas of competence include Philosophy of Science, Decision Theory and Philosophy of Mind. See his CV.

Trent has published articles and book reviews in such journals as Religious Studies, Religious Studies Review, Philosophia Christi, The Review of Metaphysics, Faith and Philosophy and Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. Academically, he most enjoys the interaction of presenting and commenting upon papers at conferences and by blogging.

Trent's favorite activities--simpliciter--are doing anything outside--biking, climbing, hiking, kayaking, camping, skiing--with his wife, Sarah, and four kids: Fiona, Chesney, John Paul, and Sam. He regularly competes in triathlons, but likes mountain biking the best right now. He has recently developed a passion for gardening and cooking what he gardens up.
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