Pruss Picked as Plenary

February 3, 2020
Alliteration aside, we are so proud that our own Dr. Alex Pruss, Ph.D., has been selected as a plenary speaker for an upcoming conference in Krakow, Poland, entitled "Christian Philosophy: its Past, Present and Future". The event will take place from 22-24 of September, 2020, so mark your schedules and brush up on your Polish!

The conference seeks to grapple with some of the key issues facing field of Christian philosophical study such as:
• What is a Christian Philosophy?

• Methods of practicing Christian Philosophy

• Faith & Reason – how this relationship was understood throughout the ages and how should we understand it today?

• Interaction of Christian Philosophy with different paradigms of philosophy and religions

• Great Christian Philosophers

• Can Christianity provide a creative inspiration to solve the problems of philosophy?

If you see Dr. Pruss around the department, please congratulate him on this honor!
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