Prof. Trent Dougherty Resigns from Baylor University

September 28, 2018
Dr. Trent Dougherty has resigned his position as tenured Associate Professor of Philosophy at Baylor University. Dr. Dougherty was recently the subject of several complaints under Baylor’s Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Interpersonal Violence Policy (Title IX). He was found “responsible” on some allegations involving more than one complainant and “not responsible” on others. The investigation revealed additional concerns under other Baylor policies. The Department of Philosophy expresses its deep appreciation for the courage of the Complainants in coming forward, for their willingness to make their complaints known, and for their patient participation in the process.
The Philosophy Department reaffirms its position that it does not tolerate behavior by members of our community that violates Baylor’s Title IX policy or engage in misconduct that violates other Baylor policies, whether directed toward our current or former students, toward our colleagues, or toward peers at other institutions.
We also take this occasion to reaffirm our dedication to Baylor University’s mission, to integrate “academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community.” The Philosophy Department commits itself to careful examination of our community practices and to the correction of any practices that we determine are not in alignment with our mission.
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