Graduate Sabrina Little on the Move

August 18, 2018
Sabrina Little participated in two seminars this summer - The Baptist Association of Philosophy Teachers (BAPT) seminar on liturgy at Notre Dame, and the Beacon summer seminar on Character and the Morally Exceptional at Wake Forest University. This Fall, she will present at three conferences--"Feeling Good: Moral Emotions in Non-Human Animals" at the Baylor Institute of Faith and Learning (IFL) annual conference, "A Provocation against Developmental Virtues" at the Northern Political Science Association (NPSA) annual meeting, and "The Trivium: Revisiting Ancient Strategies for Character Formation" at the Virtues in the Public Sphere conference at Oriel College. She published two book reviews this summer and worked on her prospectus--a moral emotions project on the role of admiration in the development of virtue.

In May, Sabrina represented the United States in the Trail World Championships--a 90K race through the mountains of Valencia, Spain. She placed 12th in the world and scored for Team USA, securing a Team Bronze medal. This was the highest team placing for Team USA in event history. In July, Sabrina also won her 5th National Title at the Cayuga 50-mile in Ithaca, New York, where she broke the course record.

Sabrina's husband, David (a Baylor Political Science PhD graduate), just accepted a job at Morehead State University, so she will be completing her degree from Kentucky. She is incredibly grateful for her time involved in the community of Baylor Philosophy--particularly for her gracious and patient professors, edifying conversations with her classmates, and department Bible studies and potlucks. Sabrina is convinced there is no greater department.
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