Recent Job Appointments

August 14, 2018
Join us in congratulating our graduate students who had another excellent year on the job market!

Alina Beary
Alina Beary was hired as the Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Torrey Honors Institute, Biola University. Her dissertation, A Thomistic Principle of Virtue Individuation, aims to accomplish two goals. The first goal is to draw contemporary moral philosophers’ attention to need for a principled approach to virtue individuation. The majority of the contemporary scholars tend to individuate virtues in a haphazard and disorganized way. Therefore, the second goal of the dissertation is to articulate Aquinas’s principle of virtue individuation as a model for how one might go about articulating one’s own criterion of individuation. Alina demonstrates that Aquinas individuates virtues based on their subject, their object, and their mode, and that this approach is an organic product of Aquinas's metaphysics of human nature. 

Allison Krile Thornton
Alli Thornton was hired as an Assistant Professor at the University of South Alabama. In Animals, Now and Then, Alli defends hylomorphic animalism, the view that we are animals and that the metaphysical nature of animals, humans and otherwise, is such that they are hylomorphic compounds of matter and form.

Jared Brandt
Jared Brandt was hired as the Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the College of Christian Faith at Dallas Baptist University. His dissertation, Growth in Infused Virtues in the Work of Thomas Aquinas, involved a close study of Aquinas’s views on growth or increase in the infused virtues. Since these virtues are caused by God, it is clear that they do not increase in the same way that the acquired virtues do—as a result of our actions. Nevertheless, Aquinas thinks that our actions do have a role to play in the process. In laying out Aquinas’s views on this important topic, Jared illustrated the impressive harmony that Aquinas achieves between the Aristotelian and Augustinian visions of the moral life.

Nathan Cartagena
Nathan Cartagena is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Wheaton College (IL) and is Liaison to Wheaton College's ROTC program. His dissertation, Thomas Aquinas's Psychology of Fear, examines Thomas Aquinas's comparatively expansive psychology of fear. Whereas most people identify one category of fear (e.g., emotion), Aquinas specifies seven. And whereas most index fear simply to one virtue (i.e., courage), Aquinas indexes fear to two virtues (courage and perseverance). Why does Aquinas offer this expansive psychology of fear? What are its merits? Nathan's dissertation answers these questions.

Matthew Wilson
Matt Wilson accepted a position as Associate Director at the Program on Human Flourishing at Harvard University. The purpose of the Program is to bring knowledge from philosophy and theology together with various social science disciplines on topics fundamental to human flourishing. Additionally, it aims to develop and implement systematic approaches to the synthesis of knowledge across disciplines. Matt’s role consists in independent research and scholarship; teaching of academic courses; and managing the administrative aspects of the program (summer course planning, conferences, workshops, budgets, etc.). Matt is especially excited about his new role, as it allows him to continue pursuing his interests in moral philosophy and the virtues while also enabling him to leverage his prior business experience in the administration and growth of the program. Matt began his new position on June 1st.
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