Nathan Cartagena published in Journal of Military Ethics

January 31, 2018
Nathan Cartagena, PhD Student, had an essay titled ""Military Ethics and the Situationist Critique" published in the Journal of Military Ethics. The essay's abstract can be found below. Congratulations, Nathan!

Abstract: Many contributors to military ethics from diverse locations and philosophical perspectives maintain that virtues are central to martial theory and practice. Yet several contemporary philosophers and psychologists have recently challenged the empirical adequacy of this perspective. Their challenge is known as the situationist critique, a version of which asserts that: (a) situational features rather than character traits such as virtues cause and explain human behavior, and (b) ethical theories and development programs are empirically inadequate to the extent that they incorporate virtues. In this paper, I assess the merit of this critique and consider some implications of my assessment for military practitioners and theorists.
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