Matt Wilson accepts position at Harvard University

January 22, 2018
Matt Wilson has accepted a position as Director of Academic Programs and Research Associate at Harvard University’s Program on Integrative Knowledge and Human Flourishing, within Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science. The purpose of the Program is to bring knowledge from philosophy and theology together with various social science disciplines on topics fundamental to human flourishing. Additionally, it aims to develop and implement systematic approaches to the synthesis of knowledge across disciplines. Matt’s role will consist in independent research and scholarship; teaching of academic courses; and management of the administrative aspects of the program (summer course planning, conferences, workshops, budgets, etc.). Matt is especially excited about this role as it will allow him to continue pursuing his interests in moral philosophy and the virtues while also allowing him to leverage his prior business experience in the administration and growth of the Program. For those interested, the program website is here . Matt will begin his new position on June 1st. He and his family are excited about their upcoming move to Boston after he graduates in May.
Congratulations, Matt!
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