John Haldane expected to speak and travel abroad

November 16, 2017
John Haldane has recently been invited to speak at the School of Law and the School of Philosophy at the University of the Andes, Chile. Additionally, he has been asked to speak in the second Symposium Thomisticum, held in Porto, Portugal. He is a permanent senior fellow at the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture, and will attend the annual conference.
Earlier this year, he was reappointed to the reconstituted Vatican Pontifical Academy of Life. In August, Haldane directed the 10th annual week-long Thomistic Seminar in Princeton, on Aquinas and Charles Taylor. Adam Myers was also a participant in this seminar.
Additionally, he took part in a public conversation at Baylor on ‘Art and Ideas’ with Michael Auping, Chief Curator of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The event was sponsored by the Art and Philosophy departments.
This January, he will give speeches at Oriel College in Oxford and Peterhouse College in Cambridge. In the spring semester, he will lead the Baylor in St. Andrews program and this summer he will visit Australia for six weeks. While in Australia, he will take up the Clark Distinguished Professorial Fellowship at Scots College in Sydney, before returning to Baylor in August.

Exciting times ahead for John!
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