Bradley Rettler and Matt Frise accept new positions

July 5, 2017
The department would like to congratulate Bradley Rettler and Matt Frise on their recent job placements. Bradley Rettler has accepted a position at Fordham University, a private research university in New York. At Fordham, Rettler will hold a three-year postdoc position, where he will be teaching three sections of Philosophical Ethics in the fall. Rettler is thrilled to be covering Mill, Kant and Aristotle in these sections. Matt Frise has accepted a one-year, full-time position at Santa Clara University, a private Jesuit university in California. At SCU, Frise will serve as visiting lecturer, teaching seven courses over three quarters. Both Rettler and Frise completed postdocs in the department and are now excited to begin their new positions.
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