Luke Barnes Lecture on February 27th

February 8, 2017
With great excitement, Baylor will be hosting Luke Barnes while he is on his American Book tour. Dr. Barnes is a postdoctoral researcher at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy, where he does research on, among other things, how galaxies form.

Luke Barnes’ new book: A Fortunate Universe, released late last year from Cambridge University Press, explains the fine-tuning argument for God's existence. He does an exceptional job in explaining the argument and has been one of its chief defenders, while still maintaining a nuanced view on the matter.

Luke Barnes will be here on February 27th at the Baylor Science Building, Room D110 from 12:20-1:10 to speak about his book and research. Afterwards, a reception will be held in Morrison Hall 219 Commons to continue the conversation and enjoy Dr. Pepper floats.

For more information on Luke Barnes, click here.
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