Ph.D. candidate Allison Thornton publishes "Varieties of Animalism"

September 7, 2016
Ph.D. candidate Allison Thornton has been published in the latest issue of Philosophy Compass journal. Her paper is titled "Varieties of Animalism."

Abstract: Animalism in its basic form is the view that we are animals. Whether it is a thesis about anything else – like what the conditions of our persistence through time are or whether we're wholly material things – depends on the facts about the persistence conditions and ontology of animals. Thus, I will argue, there are different varieties of animalism, differing with respect to which other theses are taken in conjunction with animalism in its basic form. The different varieties of animalism vary in credibility: some varieties are supported by arguments that are irrelevant to others, and some varieties are susceptible to objections that others can resist. Adequately distinguishing between varieties of animalism is thus an important preliminary to assessing them. In this paper, I'll present and argue for a taxonomy of the most distinctive varieties.

To access the paper, Click Here
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