Plantinga Workshop: November 6th-8th

August 20, 2014
November 6-8, 2014
5th Floor Cashion, Baylor School of Business
Baylor University

Alvin Plantinga is well-known for his arguments that religious belief does not need the support of arguments to be rational, justified, responsible, the object of knowledge, or in any other way epistemically appropriate. However, in his relatively underground lecture notes “Two Dozen (or so) Theistic Arguments” he sketches two dozen (or so) theistic arguments he finds quite promising. Many of these sketches have remained only in outlines for decades. Now, the Program for Philosophical Study of Religion has gathered an international array of scholars (some of whom are mentioned in the notes) to fill in some of the details and provide further guidance on this fascinating set of research projects.

Among the attendees will be Alvin Plantinga, Bradley Monton, Brian Leftow, Hud Hudson, Elizabeth Burns, Lorraine Keller, Robin Collins, Richard Swinburne, and William Lane Craig.

Organizers: Trent Dougherty and Francis Beckwith, Directors, Program on Philosophical Studies of Religion (PPSR)

The workshop begins with an opening banquet at 6:00 pm the evening of November 6th (Thurs), and presentations will run November 7th and 8th (Fri and Sat).

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