Dr. Alexander Pruss publishes new book on Christian sexual ethics

January 7, 2013
"NOTRE DAME, IN, December 20, 2012--Alexander R. Pruss, associate professor of philosophy at Baylor University, has published a new book titled ONE BODY: An Essay in Christian Sexual Ethics. This important philosophical reflection on love and sexuality from a broadly Christian perspective is aimed at philosophers, theologians, and educated Christian readers. Pruss focuses on foundational questions on the nature of romantic love and on controversial questions in sexual ethics on the basis of the fundamental idea that romantic love pursues union of two persons as one body.

"This is a terrific--really quite extraordinary--work of scholarship. It is quite simply the best work on Christian sexual ethics that I have seen. It will become the text that anyone who ventures into the field will have to grapple with--a kind of touchstone. Moreover, it is filled with arguments that even secular writers on sexual morality will have to engage and come to terms with." --Robert P. George, Princeton University

ONE BODY, available in paperback and as an e-book, is published by the University of Notre Dame Press. Read more:

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