Dr. Evans Invited to Three Named Lectures this Fall

September 6, 2012
This is Dr. Evans presentation schedule for Fall 2012:

September 12-13, 2012: Holley-Hull Lectures, Samford University (Holley Hull Lectures website). Lectures will be on the general theme of "Kierkegaard and Christian Faith."

October 15-17, 2012: Hayward Lectures, Acadia Divinity College (lectures at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia). Info at This is a prestigious lectureship which has been been given by such figures as Viktor Frankl, Elton Trueblood, Jaroslav Pelikan, Martin Marty, N.T. Wright and many others over the last 45 years. My lecture series title is "Christian Belief in the 21st Century: Responding to the New Atheism."

November 4-6, 2012: 12th annual "C. S. Lewis Christian Thought Series" sponsored by the Evangelical Free Church of Lethbridge, Alberta. Three lectures given to an audience of around 400 people at the church, plus one at the local university and a one-hour TV call-in show (Church has not yet released publicity materials). He will be presenting on the same topic as in the Hayward Lectures above.
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