Georgetown Philosophy of Religion Conference

October 6, 2011
The first in a series of joint conferences in the philosophy of religion, involving Baylor, Georgetown, and Notre Dame, commences Oct. 6 on the Georgetown campus in Washington DC. This BGND conference is an annual conference which will be hosted by Baylor next year and by Notre Dame the following year. Speakers at the conference are: Mark Henninger (Georgetown), Trenton Merricks (Virginia), Meghan Sullivan (Notre Dame), Lara Buchak (California--Berkeley), Hud Hudson (Western Washington), Trent Dougherty (Baylor) and Alex Pruss (Baylor), Terence Cuneo (Vermont), Christina van Dyke (Calvin), and Oliver Crisp (Bristol).

This conference, organized by Jonathan L. Kvanvig, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, is one of a number of conferences in the philosophy of religion sponsored by Baylor University, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Philosophy. Many of these conferences are co-sponsored with other institutions of exemplary standing both as universities and within the discipline of philosophy. The value of these conferences to Baylor University is the increased visibility these venues present for the high quality of scholarship being done in the department, as well as the educational value to our faculty and students through contact with distinguished scholars at other institutions. Professor Kvanvig commented, "These conferences provide the opportunity for our faculty and students to see what first-rate work is being done elsewhere, and also allows us to showcase the equally good work being done in our department. Such opportunities are essential to the mission and future of Baylor University as a Christian research university."
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