Welcome to the NEH Summer Seminar for School Teachers

Disputatio and the Pursuit of Wisdom in the Humanities

NEH Summer Seminar for School Teachers

NEH Summer Seminar for School Teachers
at Baylor University, Waco, TX
July 18th-30th, 2021
Stipend: $2,200

Program Description

A two-week Summer Seminar for high school teachers exploring the disputatio, or the disputed question, as a tool for engaging wisdom questions in the humanities. Wisdom questions, as conceived here, concern the foundational beliefs that guide human conduct and shape the interpretation of human experience: Who are we? Why are we here? What can we know? What may we hope for? What do we owe each other? What is it for creatures like us to flourish, individually and as a society? Such questions are often reserved for courses in philosophy, but they are the common ground of the humanities. The humanities all bring students into contact with questions that call us to the pursuit of wisdom. This seminar develops a time-tested pattern for answering that call, in philosophy classes and beyond.

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