Climate Committee

Dr. Michael Beaty, Chair and Professor of Philosophy, announces the formation of a Climate Committee.

“The Department of Philosophy at Baylor University believes that philosophy is for all members of our academic community. Yet my colleagues and I are aware that a variety of social factors often inhibit some from feeling welcome in the discipline. As part of a multi-faceted approach to help ensure that our department is a hospitable place for all to study and teach philosophy, I have appointed a Climate Committee.  I have asked Dr. Charity Anderson to chair the Climate Committee and Dr. Todd Buras, Dr. Anne-Marie Schultz, and Dr. Tom Ward to serve with her on it.   All have agreed to serve and I am grateful for their willingness to lead us in this important work.”

The tasks of the Climate Committee include the following: overseeing regular climate surveys; organizing informational sessions to raise awareness within our community about various forms of bias, discrimination, harassment, and other problems affecting marginalized groups; and holding regular meetings with graduate students to receive feedback and foster community. Additionally, the committee will be available to discuss challenges faced by underrepresented groups or anyone experiencing harassment and discrimination and to provide support to those who need it.