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"As a student majoring in English and Philosophy, I remember all too well the family dinners where relatives asked me what on earth I would do with a degree that wasn’t “practical” like business or nursing. What they failed to see was that a humanities education actually well prepared me for the workplace. I developed valuable language and critical thinking skills and graduated with a continued thirst for knowledge."

-Matthew Fitzpatrick,

Choosing to pursue a philosophy degree can be daunting to students. As more high schools emphasize STEM subjects and parents pressure students to pursue those fields, it’s easy to lose track of one’s true academic passions. In order to help students with this dilemma, Matthew and his team at have created a guide to the best careers for philosophy majors. The guide highlights common paths of employment, a few "out-of-the-box" employment options, and the skills developed through philosophy that prove beneficial in the workplace. 

Impress skeptical relatives at your next family dinner by viewing this guide at