Recent PhD Placements

Baylor's Philosophy Department has a strong history of job placement, both inside and outside academia. In fact, according to a recent report our department ranks #5 for placement out of 190 PhD-granting programs! (It's also ranked 15th by PhDs who would recommend their program to prospective philosophy students.)

This last academic year continued the trend with five solid placements:

  • Alina Beary at Biola University
  • Allison Krile Thornton at University of South Alabama
  • Jared Brandt at the University of Dallas
  • Nathan Cartagena at Wheaton College (IL)
  • Matthew Wilson at Harvard University

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Here are all of our university appointments to date (non-university appointments listed below):
NameGraduationDissertation Title and DirectorPositionLocation
Nicholas Colgrove2019-MayResistance: Its Nature, Virtues, and Application to Matters of Faith (Pruss)Postdoctoral Fellow (2019 – 2021)Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC)
Alina Beary2018-DecA Thomistic Principle of Virtue IndividuationAssistant Professor (2018-)Biola University (La Mirada, CA)
Nathan Cartagena2018-Aug Thomas Aquinas' Psychology of Fear (Miner)Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2018-)Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL)
Allison Krile Thornton2018-MayAnimals, Now and Then (Pruss)Assistant Professor (2018-)University of South Alabama (Mobile, AL)
Jared Brandt2018-MayGrowth of Infused Virtue in the Work of Thomas Aquinas (Miner)Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2018-) Dallas Baptist University (Dallas, TX)
Matt Wilson2018-MayThe Virtue of Taking Ownership (Evans)Director of Academic Programs and Research Associate (2018-)Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)
Christopher Tweedt2017-MayStarting With the Obvious (And Where to Go After That) (Kvanvig)Adjunct Professor (2017- )Christopher Newport University (Newport News, Virginia)
John Giannini2017-MayQuantifier Variance and Interpretive Charity (Pruss)Assistant Professor (2018- )Houghton College (Houghton, NY)
Pete Younger2017-MayCivic Friendship and A Value of Assumptions in Rawls (Beckwith)Temporary Lecturer (2017- )Baylor University (Waco, TX)
Brandon Dahm 2016-AugKnowing the Transcendent: Analogous Properties and Speaking about God (Hibbs)Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2016-)Franciscan University (Steubenville, OH)
Daniel Padgett2016-AugA Relational View of Time (Pruss)Full-Time Instructor (2016-)Humanities Department, Northwest Vista College (San Antonio, TX)
James Clifton Bryant2016-AugEpistemic Blame: Its Nature and its Norms (Dougherty)Full-Time Adjunct (2017- )Northeast Vista College (San Antonio, TX)
Karl Aho2016-AugLiving, Like the Lily, In the Present: Kierkegaard's Philosophy of Time (Evans)Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2017- )Tarleton State (Stephenville, TX)
Blake McAllister2016-MayCommon Sense Epistemology: A Defense of Seemings as Evidence (Kvanvig)Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2016-)Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, MI)
Ryan West2016-MayCultivating Character: Spiritual Exercises, Remedial Virtues and the Formation of the Heart (Roberts)Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2016-)Grove City College (Grove City, PA)
Emily Glass2015-AugSocrates' Pedagogical Use of Shame in Plato's Symposium (Schultz)Temp. FT Lecturer BIC Honors College (2015- )Baylor Interdisciplinary Core program, Baylor University (Waco, TX)
Matt Douglass2015-MayAll Creation Groans: A Theodicy for Suffering Animals (Kvanvig)Assistant to VP of Academic Affairs (2015- )Ouachita Baptist University, (Arkadelphia, AR)
Nate Jackson2015-MayUnprincipled Moral Learning: Dewey's Pragmatism and Dancy's Particularism (Rosenbaum)Instructor (2015-2016); Assistant Professor Tenure Track (2016-)Capital University (Bexley, OH)
David Echelbarger2014-AugMoral Particularism, Aquinas, and the Problem of Context-Dependence: A Formal Solution to a Material Puzzle (Hibbs and Davis)Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2014-)University of Mary (Bismarck, ND)
Heidi Giannini2014-AugNeo-Kantian Wickedness: Constructivist and Realist Responses to Moral Skepticism (Roberts)Assistant Professor (2018- )Houghton College (Houghton, NY)
Kraig Martin2014-AugClosure of Inquiry: A Non-Reductive Account (Kvanvig)Assistant Professor Philosophy (2014-)Harding University (Searcy, AR)
Logan Gage2014-AugObjectivity and Subjectivity in Epistemology: A Defense of the Phenomenal Conception of Evidence (Dougherty)Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2014-)Franciscan University of Steubenville (Steubenville, OH)
Ross Parker2014-AugThe Argument from Divine Hiddenness: An Assessment (Dougherty)Dean of the School of Christian Studies (2017- )Charleston Southern University (North Charleston, SC)
William (Scott) Cleveland2014-AugCourageous Activity and the Virtue of Courage (Roberts)Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2015 - )University of Mary (Bismarck, ND)
Gregory Poore2013-AugTheism and the Justification of First Principles in Thomas Reid's Epistemology (Buras)Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts (2013 -)Shorter University (Rome, GA)
Christopher Shrock2013-MayThomas Reid and the Problem of Secondary Qualities (Buras)Dean of Arts & Sciences College (2017- )Ohio Valley University (Vienna, WV)
John Spano2013-MayAugustine Against the Academic Doctrine, Way of Life, and Use of Text (Foley)Associate Professor of Philosophy (2012- )McLennan Community College (Waco, TX)
Nathan Carson2013-MayAppreciation: Its Nature and Role in Virtue Ethical Moral Psychology and Dialectical Moral Agency (Roberts)Lecturer in Humanities and Philosophy (2012 -2013 )Valparaiso University - Christ College (Interdisciplinary Honors College) (Valparaiso, IN)
Travis Coblentz2012-DecTragic Philosophy and Human Desire: Bringing Nietzsche and Plato into Conversation with Contemporary Ethics (Schultz)Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2012- )Southeast Bible College (Birmingham, AL)
Joel Schwartz2012-MayToward a Richer Account of Human Rights in Christian Moral Theory (Kruschwitz)Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2012 -2014 )Berry College (Mount Berry, GA)
Ryan Byerly2012-MayThe Evidential Support Relation (Kvanvig)Lecturer of Philosophy of Religion/SIIBS (2015- )University of Sheffield (Sheffield, England)
Adam Pelser2011-AugEmotion, Evaluative Perception, and Epistemic Goods (Roberts)Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2013- )United States Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, CO)
Daniel Johnson2011-AugExplanation in Metaphysics (Alexander Pruss)Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Tenure-Track (2011 - )Shawnee State University (Portsmouth, OH)
Janelle Klapauszak2011-AugThe Middle Ground of Hope: A Reconstruction of Pascal's Epistemology (Hibbs)Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track (2011 - )Torrey Honors Institute, Biola University (La Mirada, CA)
Paul Carron2011-AugTaking Responsibility for Ourselves: A Kierkegaardian Account of the Freedom-Relevant Conditions Necessary for the Cultivation of Character (Roberts)Asst. Professor BIC Honors College (2013- )Baylor Interdisciplinary Core program, Baylor University (Waco, TX)
Russell Hemati2010-DecAugustine's Solution to the Problem of Theological Fatalism (Beaty)Chair, Department of PhilosophyHouston Baptist University (Houston, TX)
Mark Boone2010-MayThe Conversion & Therapy of Desire in Augustine's Cassiciacum Dialogues (Michael Foley and Thomas Hibbs)Assistant Professor, Dept. of Religion and Philosophy (2018 -)Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong)
Amy Antoninka2009-DecWithout Measure: Marion's Apophatic - Virtue Phenomenology of Iconic Love (Hibbs)Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2012 - )McLennan Community College (Waco, TX)
Andrew Nam2009-AugKierkegaard's Dialectic of the One & the Many: A Platonic Quest for Existential Unity (Evans)Adjunct Instructor (2009 - )University of Missouri (Kansas City, MO)
Jay Howell2009-AugForgiveness in Kierkegaard's Ethic of Neighborly Love (Roberts)Chair, Ethics in Philosophy Division (2010-2011)Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ft. Worth, TX)
Lewis Pearson2009-AugForce and Persuasion in Plato's Republic (Anne-Marie Schultz)Director of the Undergraduate Program (2010- ) (2016 tenure)University of St. Francis (Fort Wayne, IN)
Christina Williams (Hemati)2009-MayThe Concept of Eternity in Kierkegaard's Philosophic Anthropology (Evans)Part Time Instructor of Philosophy (2012 - )Southwest; Houston Community College (Houston, TX)
Jonathan Sands Wise2009-MayLike the Green Bay Tree: The Necessity of Virtue for Happiness (Roberts)Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track (2009 - )Georgetown College (Georgetown, KY)
David Alexander2008-AugTeleological Moral Realism: An Explication and Defense (Michael Beaty)Associate Professor of Philosophy (2016-)Huntington University (Huntington, IN)
James (Jay) Bruce2008-AugDivine Choice and Natural Law: The Eudokian Ethics of Francis Turretin (Thomas Hibbs)Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2009 - )John Brown University (Siloam Springs, AR)
Jessy Jordan2008-AugIris Murdoch: Genealogist of the Modern Self (Scott Moore)Associate Professor (2017-)Mount St. Mary's University (Emmitsburg, MD)
John Wolfe2008-AugTranscending the Garden: The Role of the Sign of the Garden in Augustine's Confessions (Hibbs)Assistant Professor (2017-)Dixie State University (St. George, UT)
Taryn Whittington2008-AugWhere is Socrates Going? The Philosophy of Conversion in Plato's Euthydemus (Anne-Marie Bowery)Associate Pastor (2016-)House of Formation, Christ the King Church (Little Rock, AK)
Albert (Randy) Spencer2007-MayReconstructing the Republic: Dewey's Back to Plato Movement (Stuart Rosenbaum)Senior Instructor of Philosophy (2015-)Portland State University (Portland, OR)
Zach Manis2006-DecVirtues, Divine Commands, and the Debt of Creation: Towards a Kierkegaardian Christian Ethic (C. Stephen Evans)Professor (2014-)Southwest Baptist University (Bolivar, MO)
Erin Cline2006-MayKongzi, Rawls, and the Sense of Justice in Analects (Robert M. Baird)Associate Professor of Theology (2011-)Georgetown University (Washington D.C.)
Glenn Gentry2005-MayBeyond Augustine: The Ethical Structure of Community (Carl G. Vaught)Dir. of Humanities, Resident FacultyColumbia International University (Columbia, SC)

And here's our list of non-university appointments:

NameGraduationDissertation Title and DirectorPositionLocation
Sean Riley2011-AugSaints and Moral Philosophy (Beaty)Academic Dean (2014-)Stony Brook School (Elite HS) (Stony Brook, NY)
Tom (Jing) Tong2011-AugModeling Divine Deliberation (Jonathan Kvanvig)Associate of Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions (2014-)Vinson & Elkins (Houston, TX)
Michael Cantrell 2009-MayKierkegaard and Modern Moral Philosophy: Conceptual Unintelligibility, Moral Obligations and Divine Commands (Evans)Assistant Solicitor General (2018)Office of the Arkansas Attorney General
Mark Tietjen2006-AugKierkegaard's Practice of Edification: Indirect Communication, the Virtues, and Christianity (Robert C. Roberts)Chaplain (2011-)Stony Brook School (Elite HS) (Stony Brook, NY)