Philosophy and Medicine Concentration

The Philosophy and Medicine Concentration offers students one way of selecting classes that maximize the benefits of studying philosophy as a preparation for further study of medicine. Philosophy can help those in the medical professions to consider questions about personhood, the relationship of knowledge to action, and moral responsibility. Studying philosophy provides an excellent preparation for the problem solving, critical thinking, and analytical writing essential for the medical professions in general and for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) in particular. The rigors of studying philosophy will also prepare students for the rigors of medical school.

We encourage you to consider a Philosophy major with a concentration in Medicine.  Please contact Chair of the Department Todd Buras or Undergraduate Program Director Thomas Ward if you have any questions about the concentration.  The requirements for the concentration are summarized below or available in detail in the undergraduate catalogue.

Required Courses for Philosophy and Medicine Concentration

  1. Philosophy Core: (12 semester hours)
    1. History: PHI 3310 and 3312
    2. Logic: PHI 1306 or 1307 or 4345
    3. Ethics: PHI 3301
  2. Philosophy and Medicine (18 hours)
    1. Nine semester hours from the following courses in philosophy of medicine: PHI 1309, 4363, 4300, 4325, 4310.
    2. Nine hours of any level electives (might need approval).
  3. In any sequence, a maximum of three semester hours from the following list of courses in other fields may be taken to fulfill elective requirements. Courses not on the list are considered by petition.
    1. ANT 4305
    2. ECO 4338, 4343
    3. HIS 4338, 4339, 4395, 4396
    4. PSC 3339, 3363, 3373, 4383
    5. PSY 4327, 4329, 4339†, 4395
    6. REL 4346, 4390, 4393, 4395†
    7. SOC 4309, 4335, 4353†, 4391

Courses marked by † are recommended for pre-health concentration.