Pre-Law Concentration

The Pre-Law concentration in Philosophy is one way of selecting core and elective classes in such a way as to maximize the benefits of studying philosophy as a preparation for further study in law.

Among many things, philosophy offers critical thinking skills like no other disciplin can. Philosophy majors consistently make higher LSAT scores. Also, a study in philosophy can help future lawyers to have a fundamental knowledge of the law, including its nature and its utility, like no other discipline can. Further, philosophical reasoning is an indispensable element required for legal analysis. 

We encourage you to consider a Philosophy major with a pre-law concentration.  Please contact Michael Beaty or Todd Buras if you have any questions about the concentration.  The requirements for the concentration are available here or in the undergraduate catalogue.  Information about Baylor's Pre-Law programming for all majors is available here.


Required Courses for Philosophy Major with Pre-Law Concentration

I. Philosophy Core (12 hours)

A. History: PHI 3310 and PHI 3312

B. Logic: PHI 1306 or PHI 1307 or PHI 4345

C. Ethics: PHI 3301

II. Philosophy and Pre-Law (18 hours)

A. Nine semester hours from the following courses in legal, moral, and political philosophy:

1. PHI 3318

2. PHI 4318

3. PHI 4360

4. PHI 4361

5. PHI 4385

B. Nine hours of any level electives.  Additional courses in logic recommended.  Please refer to the course catalogue for further recommendations.