Graduate Student Life

Current Graduate Students

A list of current graduate students, with links to their personal website pages if applicable, is available here.

Community Life

Baylor ranks 15th (out of 190!) for Philosophy PhD programs former graduates would recommend to prospective students. One graduate says of Baylor "She is incredibly grateful for her time involved in the community of Baylor Philosophy--particularly for her gracious and patient professors, edifying conversations with her classmates, and department Bible studies and potlucks. Sabrina is convinced there is no greater department." Following items give just a taste of what makes our department's sense of community so strong.

The philosophy department sponsors monthly potlucks for graduate students and their families. Faculty regularly attend, or even host!

The department also funds things like the recently inaugurated annual Faculty-v-Grads bowling tournament at Baylor's own bowling alley (so far the score is 1-0, Faculty).

Many grad students (and their families) also meet up regularly to play board games, hold watch parties (Stranger Things, anyone?) or to enjoy various physical activities together (including hiking Cameron Park, rockclimbing in the SLC, or going out for a night of dancing).

Our department is a family-friendly one (as the next major point about parental accommodations attests). Whenever a grad student (or spouse) has a new baby, the department rallies support in the form of food trains or maybe even helping with household chores.

Childbirth and Adoption Accommodation

The Graduate School offers the following two options to the graduate students who are new parents:

  1. working halftime for a full semester, or
  2. working fulltime for half of a semester.

Either of the options will allow the new parent to keep their full stipend for that particular semester. The Childbirth and Adoption Accommodation is available to new mothers and new fathers alike.