Graduate Students

Childbirth and Adoption Accommodation

The Graduate School offers the following two options to the graduate students who are new parents:

  1. working halftime for a full semester, or
  2. working fulltime for half of a semester.

Either of the options will allow the new parent to keep their full stipend for that particular semester. The Childbirth and Adoption Accommodation is available to new mothers and new fathers alike.


Course descriptions and schedules are available here.


At weekly department colloquiums, a graduate student presents a work in progress to his or her colleagues. Breakfast is provided. The current colloquium coordinator is Jared Brandt.

Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive exams are meant to ensure that all students have a thorough grounding in the history of philosophy. There are two sets of comprehensive exams. The first covers ancient and medieval philosophy, while the second covers modern and contemporary philosophy. The first set is normally taken during the summer after the student's first year of course work, and the second set is normally taken during the summer after the student's second year of course work.

Current Graduate Students

A list of current graduate students, with links to their personal website pages if applicable, is available here.

Graduate Student Life

Baylor’s graduate school offers a variety of resources for professional development and graduate life. Philosophy students have taken advantage of many of the resources, especially the Conyers Scholars Program, Seminars for Excellence in Teaching, the Teaching Capstone in Higher Education, and Student Intellectual Community Enhancement Money.

The philosophy department sponsors monthly potlucks for graduate students and their families. The current potluck coordinator is Benjamin Guido.

PhD Dissertation Prospectus

Click here for instructions on PhD dissertation prospectus.

Reading Groups and Societies

Graduate students lead several reading groups and societies organized around various philosophical topics. For information about each group, please contact the group’s organizers.

Reading Room

Morrison 216, the Elmer H. Duncan Reading and Research Room, contains a number of philosophical texts, back issues of journals, and specialized resources, including copies of Kierkegaard's Samlede Værker and Papier. It also houses theses and dissertations from Baylor graduates. To access the reading room, please contact the department administrator.

Travel Funding

Annually, graduate students are offered $400 from the philosophy department and two $300 travel awards from the graduate school for presenting at professional events. Additional funding is available for students conducting doctoral research, interviewing at the APA, and at the department’s discretion.