Undergraduate Programs

Philosophy is the activity of thinking clearly about issues of fundamental importance. The study of philosophy helps to distinguish between good and bad reasoning, aids in clarifying, evaluating, and justifying beliefs, and assists in developing a worldview that brings order and meaning to one's experiences.

Because philosophy develops the abilities to think clearly, to solve problems, to communicate persuasively, and to respond to new situations in flexible and creative ways, it contributes both to living well and to making a living. The skills learned in philosophy not only contribute to personal satisfaction, but they are also valuable in any professional career.

Graduates of the Baylor Department of Philosophy are successfully pursuing careers in law, teaching, ministry, medicine, politics, banking, business management, sales, public relations, publishing, city management, university administration, hospital administration, counseling, and other areas of human service.

Those planning to enter graduate or professional schools will be especially interested in the success nation-wide and locally of philosophy majors on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), and the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). Furthermore, a study revealed that of all majors, philosophy has the fourth highest acceptance rate to medical school.

A philosophy major is not for everyone, but it might be the major for you. As faculty members of the Baylor Department of Philosophy we invite you to discuss this possibility with any one of us.