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The Philosophy Degree: An Overview

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Philosophy is the activity of thinking clearly about issues of fundamental importance. The study of philosophy helps to distinguish between good and bad reasoning, aids in clarifying, evaluating, and justifying beliefs, and assists in developing a worldview that brings order and meaning to one's experiences.

Because philosophy develops the abilities to think clearly, to solve problems, to communicate persuasively, and to respond to new situations in flexible and creative ways, it contributes both to living well and to making a living. The skills learned in philosophy not only contribute to personal satisfaction, but they are also valuable in any professional career.

Graduates of the Baylor Department of Philosophy are successfully pursuing careers in law, teaching, ministry, medicine, politics, banking, business management, sales, public relations, publishing, city management, university administration, hospital administration, counseling, and other areas of human service.

Those planning to enter graduate or professional schools will be especially interested in the success nation-wide and locally of philosophy majors on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), and the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). Furthermore, a study revealed that of all majors, philosophy has the fourth highest acceptance rate to medical school.

For more on how and why philosophy makes sense as a major (and for links to studies and facts supporting the same), please click here, or simply reach out to one of our faculty members.



Resources and Opportunities

Reasons to Study Philosophy

Why should one study philosophy? Because philosophy makes sense! Click here to get details on the practical, financial, career, and life benefits of studying philosophy. You can hear from current Baylor Philosophy professors, former Baylor students, billionaire Mark Cuban, a Harvard Medical School professor, and read the results of multiple scientific studies for yourself.

Philosophy Scholarships

Our department gives out multiple scholarships each year to philosophy majors. Click here to learn about the scholarships, check your eligibility, and apply!

Advising and Course Registration

Requirements for the philosophy major, second major, or minor can be found here. Note also that Philosophy offers concentrations both in Pre-Law and in Medicine. Advising assignments, course descriptions, class schedules, and Major Academic Planners may be found here.

Honor Society

Baylor’s chapter of Phi Sigma Tau, the international honor society in philosophy, was the first such chapter in Texas.

Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club meets most Thursdays to enjoy discussion and snacks from 4:00-5:00 PM in the Philosophy Department lounge area on the second floor of Morrison Hall. Join the Philosophy Club Facebook Group here.

Study Abroad

Baylor offers philosophy study-abroad programs at Oxford University in England and the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. For more details, please click here.

Baylor LLC

The Baylor & Beyond Living-Learning Center is a comprehensive and intentional community where residents learn with and from each other, encourage and support academic success, embrace the culture of Baylor University, and broaden their cultural understanding.

Ready to Apply?

If you want the benefits you can expect from a major, minor, or a concentration in Philosophy after getting a taste of them from the above-linked resources, click here to find out more about applying to our program.