Why Philosophy at Baylor?

Why Philosophy

"At Baylor, the pursuit of excellence and knowledge of “the life of the mind” is a rigorous and wholesome journey. You grow as individual from your professors as well as your peers. Your philosophy courses are places where every viewpoint is accepted. They are also places where every viewpoint is debated. As a result, you are challenged to understand what you believe and why you believe what you believe. At the end of the journey, you are more well-rounded, able to think more critically, and able to express yourself more logically. I would not trade my journey from Heraclitus to John Rawls for anything in the world."
Ben Aguinaga, '12
Why does philosophy make sense for pre-law students?

"Philosophy makes sense for pre-law students because the study of philosophy is just naturally connected to the skills necessary for success in law school. First of all, there can be no better major to give you a general preparation for the LSAT. In order to even get into law school, much less succeed once you’re there, you need to be able to analyze arguments, make deductions, comprehend dense passages, and write effectively. All four of these skills are developed extensively throughout the course of a philosophy major."
Alan Swindoll, '12

Why does philosophy make sense for pre-med students?

"The MCAT is not an exam that tests your rote knowledge of basic science—it is an exam that tests your ability to think critically about what you have learned. I learned what I needed in the basic sciences, but I learned how to think about what I learned in philosophy.  As a pre-med student, you need to be able to decipher complex information and make decisions about it, which is something you learn in philosophy courses."
Ashley Davis, '12

Why does philosophy make sense for business students?

"[W]hen accomplished entrepreneurs like Reid Hoffman, Peter Thiel and Carly Fiorina credit their philosophy backgrounds for their success, you have to wonder if they’re on to something. After all, many of the same qualities that make a good entrepreneur are the same qualities that make a good philosopher. Both occupations require clear communication, critical thinking and the ability to sell your ideas. And while these are just a few skills that entrepreneurs share with philosophers, there are many more valuable lessons that founders and CEOs can learn from this ancient yet timeless discipline."
Nicholas Miller

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Why does philosophy make sense for those who are seeking success?

According to a study, and another, philosophy majors earn the most among those who earned bachelor's degree in the humanities. Philosophy majors know to find creative ways to solve problems and for this very reason they are highly valued in the corporate world.