Deliberative Liturgies

We hope that you will use this site to explore creative ways of building deliberative practices into your church communities in order to explore difficult issues that all of our communities face.

Reflections on Faith & Deliberation from a Pastoral Perspective

from Daryl Emowrey serves as pastor at Calvary Lutheran Church in Angola, IN

Liturgical Expressions

As a part of the Faith & Deliberation Initiative we want to offer you as many resources as we are able. We do not have faith-based issue guides for all of the issues challenging our communities, but here are some additional Liturgical Expressions that can be used in conjunction with other issue guides developed by the National Issues Forums. Please use them creatively and adapt them for use in your own community.

Public Deliberation Initiative

Baylor Public Deliberation Initiative is a departmental program of Spirituality & Public Life sponsored by The Office of Spiritual Life with the support of the advisory board composed of Baylor staff, faculty, and community members.