Faith Based Issue Guides

These resources are produced specifically for students, faith communities, and local churches by Baylor PDI in collaboration with the Kettering Foundation and other national partners

The Church's Role in a Divided Society

This guide explores the question: what should the church do to help congregants navigate the current state of political discourse in America? 

Resources: Issue Guide | Moderator GuidePlacemat | Short Questionnaire | Long Questionnaire | Likert Scale Questionnaire | Open-Ended Questionnaire

Gender-Based Violence

This guide explores the question: what steps should the church take to engage the issue of gender-based violence within their communities? 

Resources: Placemat 

End of Life

This guide explores the question: what should we do for those who are dying? 

Resources: Issue Guide | Moderator GuidePlacemat 

Public Deliberation Initiative

Baylor Public Deliberation Initiative is a departmental program of Spirituality & Public Life sponsored by The Office of Spiritual Life with the support of the advisory board composed of Baylor staff, faculty, and community members.