Faith & Deliberation Resources


Make Me an Instrument of Peace: A Guide to Civil Discourse (for Individuals)

Make Me an Instrument of Peace: A Guide to Civil Discourse (for Groups)


Applying the Dialogical Lens to the Parable of the Rich Fool by Leah D. Schade

Owning Stuff or Stuff Owning Us?: The Rich Fool in Luke Chapter 12 by Leah D. Schade


A Different Way of Talking by Rev. R. Gregg Kaufman
"How do Christians bring the Gospel into a world divided? What resources exist for congregations to talk together about tough social issues? Kaufman outlines the process of deliberative dialogue and how it can be used to help people find common ground and to move them from dialogue toward action."

Preaching Across the Political Red-Blue Divide: Using the Sermon-Dialogue-Sermon Method in the Purple Zone by Rev. Dr. Leah D. Schade
"What theological underpinnings do we have to help pastors to think about preaching on social issues? And how can they do so effectively? Drawn from a nationwide survey and multiple case studies, Schade takes readers through her sermon-dialogue-sermon model to demonstrate an effective way for constructive conversations to occur."


The Dialogue of Worship: Creating Space for Revelation and Response by Gary Furr

Why Can't We Talk?: Christian Wisdom on Dialogue as a Habit of the Heart by John Backman

Preaching in the Purple Zone: Ministry in the Red-Blue Divide by Leah D. Schade


Sustained Dialogue

Embedded Deliberation

Patheos Article by Dr. Leah Schade

Public Deliberation Initiative

Baylor Public Deliberation Initiative is a departmental program of Spirituality & Public Life sponsored by The Office of Spiritual Life with the support of the advisory board composed of Baylor staff, faculty, and community members.