Faith & Deliberation

As a Kettering Foundation Center for Public Life, Baylor PDI is proud to partner with the Kettering Foundation on its Faith & Deliberation Initiative.

Baylor PDI collaborates with the Kettering Foundation and other national partners to produce resources specifically for students, faith communities, and local churches.

Why faith and deliberation?
  • The work of deliberation is a powerful discernment process that can be highly beneficial and productive for faith communities such as churches
  • Deliberative work is a significant community tool for putting spiritual practices such as compassion, empathy, and charitable listening into action
  • Faith and deliberation are processes designed to slow us down and help us take stock of what is important by taking the focus off of the “self” and putting it back on the community
  • Faith and deliberation seek answers beyond themselves by seeking the wisdom found in texts, scriptures, the law, histories, and traditions through a process of listening and interpretation with those within our communities
    • Texts, tradition, and our personal/communal experiences guide these conversations and we reason together in order to explore issues of faith, public policy, and common ground and how these are connected to our local communities and global society
  • Faith and deliberation are efforts designed to be open-ended
    • Issues and problems facing our world today are complex and require creative and innovative approaches to potential solutions that we know will need to be continuously changed, updated, and adapted

Public Deliberation Initiative

Baylor Public Deliberation Initiative is a departmental program of Spirituality & Public Life sponsored by The Office of Spiritual Life with the support of the advisory board composed of Baylor staff, faculty, and community members.